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    Okay I know the time frame totally doesn’t work but- Imagine Draco Malfoy getting all puffed up and arrogant and starting to say “I don’t think my father-” and Harry slyly interjecting “-the inventor of toaster strudel-” “-would be too happy to-” and then stopping in confusion when Harry, Hermione, and every other Muggleborn in earshot start practically crying with laughter.

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  2. Donetsk leaflet: Jews must register or face deportation →







    I’m scared of what would happen after they register…

    I googled it. Multiple news sources are covering this. This is actually happening. This is terrifying.

    My first thought is that this would lead to something bigger. I don’t know if it would be on the scale of the Holocaust, but registering of Jews was an early part of it.

    i want to reblog this 1000000000000099999 times im fucking flipping my fucking shit here

    after kansas city shooting i fucking like didnt sleep and now this and i feel like fucking harry potter when theyre all like figuring out voldemorts coming back “it feels like it did before…HE’S back”

    except antisemitism never left, it never disappeared

    i duno how to handle this fear and these fucking horrible feelings and the fear and anxiety and

    fucking no no no no no 

    this is so terrifying what the fuck ugh

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  3. queer film meme ‖ [4/15] films - but i’m a cheerleader

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    Marshmallows if can take a second of your time to sign my Change.org petition to help #Get S4 Of Veronica Mars On Netflix. Then I will try to contact Netflix when I get enough signatures to convince them to give Veronica Mars a Season Four.

    Sign Here

    Helping with the Netflix campaign : Hanitjemars &  VeronicaMarsS4OnNetFlix

  5. Vote now! Myka Bering vs. Lauren Lewis in The Hunger Games championship! →


    Friendly reminder to do the thing!

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    tumblr needs a wendy

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